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CNC Machined rear derailleur pulley jockey wheel for rear derailleur


Product description


*12T narrow-wide tooth guide wheel weight: 11.4g 

*Material: AL7075-T6 aluminum alloy CNC machining


* installation size: 6MM/5MM/4MM 

*Color: Anode red, enamel, blue, gold, titanium


*Bearing: steel ball / forest / ceramic Palin 

*Application scope: All conventional transmissions


*This product is made of AL7075-T6 round bar CNC. It is finished with diamond knife and has a diamond-like metal texture. The appearance of the product is excellent. Adopting the Japanese imported steel ball lining, the rotation has no resistance, which greatly reduces the frictional resistance and improves the riding efficiency. 

The design of the narrow-wide tooth rear guide wheel significantly improves the transmission speed of the transmission, and there is no abnormal sound during the shifting process, which better prevents the chain from falling off.




Why replace derailleur pulley


First, replace the original pulleys with these would improve the weak stretch of the original set, and make the up and down chain tension between guide wheel and cogs much more adequate.


Second, the number of contact tooth or control tooth between chain and cogs of 17T is more during gear shifting, the more contact, the stronger the control power.


Third, after redesign the cage’s rotation curve, the distance between upper guide wheel and the cogs is improved.


Long story short, with all the features mentioned above, you would save 2.2 watts or more with each pedaling. That’s the equivalent of shaving 100g off a 10KG bike.


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