KTPD 18 Pedal

Bicycle Pedal Alloy Mountain Anti-slip Road Bicycle Pedals Ultralight Outdoor Sports Mountain Custom Bike Pedals


Product description

*Main body: magnesium alloy CNC machining 

*Shaft: chrome molybdenum steel shaft, titanium alloy shaft 

*Bearing: sealed 3 bearings 

*Surface treatment: stoving varnish white, gray, black 

*Weight: 220g (titanium alloy shaft), 270g (chromium molybdenum steel shaft)

*Antiskid bolt AL6061 CNC bolt, color customizable as per client request.

*Magnesium alloy section bar is lighter, more flexible, with better shock absorption, yet 5 times stronger than aluminum alloy assuming the same weight, which solve the problem of lack in strength of magnesium alloy 3D forge.

*Rarely does a company manufactures pedal from magnesium alloy section bars, we are one of them.


Design Highlights

*High Strength: High quality magnesium alloy, high strength and good durability

*Light Weight: Carefully built lightweight, comfortable pedaling experience and good lubrication.

*Mechanical motion structure design: Design according to the sense of movement and ergonomics, giving you a better riding experience.

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