KTPL 14T Rear Derailleurs Pully

Rear Derailleurs Bicycle Pulley wheel ceramic bearing jockey wheel


Product description

*14T narrow-wide tooth guide wheel weight: 12g 

*Material: AL7075-T6 aluminum alloy CNC machining

*Installation size: 6MM/5MM/4MM 

*outside diameter 57.5mm

*Color: Anode red, enamel, blue, gold, titanium

*Bearing: steel ball / hybrid ceramic bearing / ceramic Bearing 

*Scope of application: for the lower guide wheel of the transmission, please use the 12T narrow-wide tooth guide wheel with this pulley.

*This product is made of AL7075-T6 round bar CNC. It is finished with diamond knife, has diamond-like metal texture, and the appearance of the product is resistant to friction index. All good. Adopting the Japanese imported steel ball lining, the rotation has no resistance, which greatly reduces the frictional resistance and improves the riding efficiency. 


Optimized narrow-wide tooth design, increasing shifting speed, decreasing friction resistance, enhancing chain stability, suppressing shifting noise.

if you hear shifting noise from a narrow-wide tooth pulley louder than that from a normal tooth pulley, it’s most likely caused by poor design of tooth angle or poor process. Just remember, noise is not good, the lower the noise the better. 


If your chain is rubbing against your cage after installing larger pulleys, just remove or re-shape the cage, shown as below.



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